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    One country. Diverse experiences
    Bhutan is no ordinary place
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    One country. Diverse experiences
    Bhutan is no ordinary place

Bhutan is no ordinary place

In the Eastern Himalayas, this majestic Buddhist Kingdom offers travelers the experience of a lifetime. It is simply unique, but it's on the brink of change. To experience it now, we invite you to tap into our local knowledge and itineraries that embrace the land, the culture and the people.

Lace up your boots for the Tiger's Nest hike

Come and see what Bhutan’s beautiful mountains have to offer. Mountains have always had mythological or religious significance to the Bhutanese, and a slow, mindful climb to Tiger’s Nest is an exciting, exhilarating and rewarding experience most visitors find time for. Why? Because the place is extraordinary! People of average fitness can complete the hike. Just take your time; nothing is a race in Bhutan. While the view from the top is awesome, often the journey is reward enough.

Abundant wildlife: Bhutan is a biodiversity hotspot

Bhutan's habitats are protected by the government and the people and there are four national parks as well as many wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves. Red Pandas, Deer, Golden Langurs, Royal Bengal Tigers, Snow Leopards, Takins and Himalayan Black Bears are just a few of the many rare and exotic animals in Bhutan. There are also many bird species as Bhutan is located at the junction of a major avian migration route. Bhutan is considered a safe haven for the rare Black Necked Crane which our November tours see.

Experience a unique culture

They say travel can change your life. In Bhutan, where Buddhism and Gross National Happiness both play significant parts in daily life, an alternative way of living is abundantly clear. Visiting monasteries and Dzongs is a highlight of our tours: our clients tell us that nothing beats the thrill of entering a mystic temple or monastery for the first time. Observing monks going about their daily chores, children in class or simply enjoying their time off kicking a football around is a fascinating insight into another world. You will have many opportunities to learn more about Buddhism as you chat to our Bhutanese team and locals you meet at places we visit from markets to monasteries. Although monks are revered, they are quite friendly, especially the children, and it’s not uncommon to get curious glances and a questions.

Breath in pristine forests as you walk ancient trails

Bhutan is a hiker’s paradise. The Kingdom has some of the world's most amazing hiking and trekking trails that attract adventure enthusiasts and nature lovers from across the world. We guide you on paths which take you through pristine forests, high mountain passes and scenic valleys and along glacial rivers, offering an opportunity to discover Bhutan's natural beauty, culture, and landscapes. Amidst the crisp mountain air, Bhutan is a place where you can take a breather, deeply relax, and discover you can still be amazed. We invite you to immerse yourself in its rich culture and pristine natural surroundings, and simply rejuvenate. Our treks range from short, low altitude walks to longer tougher, even overnight treks. Itineraries to suit all fitness levels.

Local people bring Bhutan to life

It’s the conversations you have with locals in markets, sweet interactions with children and observations of daily life along the way that stay with you forever. And because culture also happens around the dining table, we bring you signature experiences like eating in a farmhouse with a local family.

Go on...get festive!

Our small group travel is focused around Bhutan’s active festival program. Clients are attracted to these unique, colourful and exciting displays of traditional culture, and the 'tsechus' are a major part of Bhutanese life. They offer visitors a unique cultural insight into Bhutan. Renowned for their colour, richness, vibrancy and explosive and contagious happiness, they attract visitors from around the globe.

Explore ancient architecture

Bhutanese architecture is one of the most extraordinary features of the country and draws many visitors. Using no nails, Bhutanese architecture is famous for its great beauty, originality and its harmonious proportions to the landscape. Bhutan’s culture and traditional heritage is highly visible in its unique architectural style. Shaped by complex topography and built in harmony with the environment, Dzongs (fortresses), Lhakhangs (temples), Goenpas (monasteries), Chortens (stupas) and beautifully proportioned houses are exquisite examples of the craftsmanship Bhutanese people.

Give your taste buds a treat

While Bhutanese food has been influenced by its neighbours (especially China, Tibet and India) we encourage our clients to venture beyond their comfort zone and take their taste buds on a journey. You’ll be impressed by how unique and delicious Bhutanese food is. Look out for one of the signature dishes, “Ema Datshi” or “Chile Cheese.” Served as a side dish or condiment, the more you eat of it the more you’ll realize that no two Ema Datshi’s are the same: every cook has their own version. Rice forms the main body of most Bhutanese meals, accompanied by one or two side dishes consisting of meat or vegetables. And don’t forget to give Bhutanese beer a try – their boutique breweries are a budding industry.

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