Why visit Bhutan?

“Because there are fewer and fewer places left in the world where you can truly have an adventure, where you can see beauty and experience new and sometimes puzzling things. I was struck by the way time almost stood still. And maybe it’s the energy you feel from the people and the land. The Bhutanese are conscious of their effect on the world and other beings. That infuses your experience with a kind of spirituality.” (Scottish actor Alan Cumming, 2023)

Bhutan is a place where you can take a breather, deeply relax and discover you can still be amazed.

We invite you to join us and immerse yourself in Bhutan's rich culture and pristine natural surroundings, and simply rejuvenate.

Tours in Bhutan
Hike ancient trails
Bhutan holidays
Get up close to wildlife
private tours Bhutan
Immerse yourself in a unique culture
Bhutan tours
Slow down: escape the chaos
Bhutan tours
Make new friends
Australian tours to bhutan
Be spellbound by magical festivals
Local experiences bhutan
Explore stunning architecture
bhutan travel
Try new foods

Why travel with us?

Australian Journey to Bhutan is a small, friendly, boutique tour operator providing highly personal, unique tours to Bhutan.

Our Mission is simple: to intimately share this place we both love so much and bring our individual skills to our alliance to ensure our clients get an extraordinary experience. It's our passion and it's all we do.

We focus on small private tours, creating unique experiences that mean you'll see the authentic Bhutan. We are committed to providing immersive cultural experiences including spending time in local communities, getting involved in local customs and activities, enjoying the wonderful Bhutanese cuisine and unique Bhutanese owned accommodation. Our tours visit the iconic sites as well as give you unique experiences in nature with a small group of people you will treasure for life.

We invite you to check out what our clients say on our Testimonials page, then come and experience it for yourself.

Please ask us for a detailed itinerary to any tour you are interested in.

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